Youth Social Enterprise Programme

16 Oct

The Youth Outreach Services of the Young Men’s Christian Association of Trinidad and Tobago has, for many years, made invaluable contributions youth through its programmes and partnerships. The department has dealt with a wide array is issues, ranging from socially displaced youth, institutionalized youth, the epidemic of HIV, and has always taken interest in projects for marginalized and vulnerable youth. A key thing to note is that many youth assimilated leadership roles as volunteers, to orchestrate and facilitate these interventions.

As part of the new strategic plan of the YMCA of Trinidad and Tobago we are involving youth once more in the development of the organisation, but more so, in the development of their own character and by extension, the country. In equipping youth with knowledge, skills and competencies to enhance their own development we strive towards building more holistic and efficient members of society.  The approach taken by the Youth Outreach Service of the YMCA of Trinidad and Tobago is to allow the youth to play an exceptionally important role in all the projects stemming out of the department via the Youth Social Enterprise.

The objectives of this programme are:

  • To engage youth in community service, educational, entrepreneurial, cultural and sporting activities
  • To allow youth the freedom to drop-in to the facility at within operational times
  • To form alliances with other youth serving organizations locally, regionally and internationally
  • To allow youth to manage some of the activities of the Youth Social Enterprise

Initial projects include:

  • Proposed initial activities include:
  • Feel Good Get Fit
  • Y Village
  • Yard Sale and Car Booth Sale
  • International Men’s Day commemoration
  • My3 Festival
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health Treasure Hunt
  • World Aids Day commemoration
  • Christmas activity (to be determined.)
  • Christmas camp

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