Feel Good: Get Fit


Feel Good: Get Fit

The Get Fit component of the Feel Good programme appeals to persons with a desire to engage in healthy lifestyle activities. The Feel Good programme introduces an assortment of fitness activities from qualified and experienced instructors. The programme is also supported by expert nutritional and wellness professionals who provide guidance to facilitate holistic health and wellness. Feel Good therefore creates an avenue platform in which a healthy lifestyle is affordable to everyone.

YMCA has a history of supporting healthy lifestyle initiatives and with this in mind; the Feel Good programme will initially comprise exercise activities such as; Yoga, Zumba, Precision Fitness Workout, Aqua Aerobics, Football, Basketball, and Swimming.

Feel Good is one part of the YMCA’s new strategic direction and it aims to educate and empower participants to make healthy long-term lifestyle choices which will allow them to live, look and feel better by engendering healthy behaviours including exercising and eating habits.